What's A Home, From The Kids

Guest Blog:

When asking a four-year-old and six-year-old, “what does a home mean to you?”, I did not expect to have such a vivid conversation. They were able to paint a picture of a fun, loving, comfy atmosphere. One where a family resides, toys fill the rooms, and laughter is the best medicine.

When asked, “what makes a house a home?”, R responded with, “a place where all of your toys are, and your big comfy bed is.” D responded with, “a place where we are safe from outside when it is cold, where we are happy.” This was a way to reflect on the little things that a child will use to paint a picture of their home. We talked about how different homes can be, and how each house is different depending on where they live, and who they live with. You can have a home with two parents, one parent, grandparents, roommates and so on. They loved learning about all of the different ways a house can be a home. R loved to talk about how he feels that a comfy home is somewhere you can shower and be warm. The topic of being warm came up lots; must be because of the crazy snowstorm we are experiencing today.

I asked the boys “how do you think you buy a home?”, R instantly screamed, “with lots of money” and D said, “you have to go to work and get some dollars.” The concept of money is something that we have made sure to teach the boys. With them having even just a brief understanding how valuable different items can be, they are able to be more observant when it comes to larger purchases. They both mentioned that it is not easy to buy a home, and that we need a lot of “stuff” to fill a house. Toys, blankets, doors, curtains were all things that the boys knew needed to be purchased to complete a home. D especially was entertained by the idea that a house cannot be a home without a bathroom and a toilet… he is not wrong. R was pretty sure that when we are looking to buy a new house that we have to remember where our friends and school is located so that we can be close to them. It amazed me how much they were able to answer and know what is involved in the process.

We touched on families who have more than one home. They understood the concept of parents being separate and being able to create two homes. R said, “if you are not happy with someone, you can’t be together.” The idea around divorce and separation is a topic that children often cannot wrap their heads around. How can we as parents normalize change, normalize different situations and help our families live happy regardless of if it is in one home or two homes?

Lastly, I wanted to touch on what their favourite thing about home is. They were excited to say, “playing mini stick hockey.” We have two little nets set up in the house, in a space where it is okay to scuff the walls and practice their slap shots. I mean, mom of two boys here who has to let her control down just a wee bit. Who cares about a few scuff marks anyways… Hide and seek was another activity that the boys mentioned, they said “we need a house with lots of hiding spots because if you don’t have good hiding spots then my brother can find me.” So, I guess that could be a consideration when purchasing a new home, lots of hiding spots.

From a parental perspective a house is a home where your family is. Not much else matters then to have a space you are safe, secure and happy.


📸Courtesy of Hannah Sever Photography


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