Ideas While At Home

Things To Do While Under Quarantine

Wow, what a week this has been! Beginning of last week, Coronavirus was alarming but not affecting our everyday life. Fast forward a week, and schools, workplaces, libraries, and dine in restaurants are all closed, and somehow toilet paper has become the hottest commodity. 

While staying home indefinitely may sound like heaven to some, others are getting quite creative in how they spend their time! If you need ideas on how to occupy these days that doesn’t involve diving even deeper into Netflix, I’ve compiled a list with some ideas:

Self Care
In these unknown, stressful times, a little self care is important. Take a bath, bake some cookies, turn off the news, do some yoga or meditate - whatever helps you feel calm.

Board Games
Dust off those Board Games and challenge your family to a Monopoly challenge, or online order a new game online! There are so many fun games, you’re sure to find a great game for the family or adults. Solo? No problem, there's tons of games for you too! You can also play games with friends online through social media. 

A Classic activity to work away at. Challenge yourself to a difficult one!

Try a New Hobby
Have you always wanted to try knitting, painting with Bob Ross, or write a blog? You’ve got time to try it! 

Do your Taxes
While you’re at it, pay bills. 

Create a Budget
These unknown times may mean less money for some. Figure out how and if the government will be helping you, if you need to cut back on anything, and find ways to save money. 

Spring Cleaning
Might as well get some chores out of the way! Clean out the cobwebs, organize your pantry, deep clean your bathrooms. Dig out your bike and put that snow blower away. Marie Kondo your heart out.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Tackle Your To Do List
Maybe you have a wall that needs painted, or pictures to hang. Maybe you’ve been wanting to organize your garage or your basement. You’ve got some time on your hands now! 

Work Out
With gyms closed, many are left without their group fitness routine. Many gyms or personal trainers are posting free workouts on their social media accounts - search your favourite and get moving! There are many other great options such as Yoga With Adriene or Fitness Belnder to help your endorphins flow. Going for a run is also still a safe option, just keep a good distance from others. 

Online Book Club
Love to read? Start an online book club! Choose a book and set up a group call on Skype or Facetime to discuss it!

Call Your Grandparents
Check in on Grannie to see how she is doing, and grab her some necessities if she needs anything. Porch drops only! 

Call Your High School BFF
While you’re at it, check in with lots of long lost friends! 
I took my own advise an message my bestie Megan, just outside of Boston.

Movie Marathon
Or Netflix Marathon. Watch all the movies you’ve missed out on, or that Netflix show you missed out on. Rewatch an old favourite. I know this list was supposed to be Netflix free, but there’s no shame in a little binging! 

Watch Oscar Winning Movies

Bake or Cook Something New

Try Calligraphy
There are plenty of YouTube videos to help!

Write Letters or Thank You Cards
Everyone likes receiving mail. Seeing a beautiful thank you card in their mailbox may make someones day!

Grab an adult colouring book (or print sheets online, don’t run to the store). They can be very soothing!

Take Care of Your Plants
Plant Some Seedlings

Take a nap. Take another. 

Try Something on Pinterest
We all have a long list of undone Pinterest ideas. Pinterest Fail, and try again! 

Try a Youtube Tutorial
Youtube something you’ve been wanting to try - french braid? A new makeup routine? Origami? Give it a go!
Here's a link to my latest blooper video for a laugh too.

Organize your pictures
Create a photo album online, or print some for your scrapbook!

Write a list of things you are grateful for.

Write a list of things to do when quarantine is over. 


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