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Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Tis (almost) the season! The leaves may be brilliant colours and the afternoons show promise of some warmth, but don’t let that fool you! The days are getting shorter and in no time, our green, leaf covered lawns will be covered by piles of dreaded snow. 

Keep your biggest investment in tip top shape by following some of these ideas for getting your house ready for winter. Many of these will also help save on your utility bills!

Inspect your furnace: Don’t wait until it dies on the coldest day of the year. Call a technician (this will run you about $80-$100) to make sure it is in good shape for the season. This is also the time to make sure chimneys are clean and in good order.

Test those alarms: Make sure your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working, and ensure your fire extinguisher isn’t expired. 

Ceiling fans: If yours has a reverse switch, its a great idea to hit that for the winter. This will help push down the hot air that rose to the top of the room, also saving on energy. 

Turn off the water: Outdoor water pipes can freeze in the winter causing many issues. Some homes may have faucets that are frost proof, but if not, make sure to turn off the valve. Similarly, if you have a sprinkler system, it should be drained. 

Weatherstripping: If needed, add this around doors as needed and check for any areas in or out that need caulking touched up. Don’t let that cold air seep in this year! 

Check that roof: Take a look for any loose shingles that could leak as snow melts or eavestroughs that need cleaning. Speaking of eavestroughs, its a good idea to send the water further away from the house by adding an extension to your downspouts. 

Machine switcheroo: It’s time to put the lawnmower away and bring out the snowblower. Empty the gas and clean out the lawnmower. Make sure the snowblower is ready to go (better now than after the first big snow dump!) - check the oil, fill the tires and gas, and check your manual for anything else that needs to be done. 

Lawn maintenance: Fertilizing now will help encourage those grass roots to grow and will give you a green lawn faster in the spring. 

Check your cracks: If you have driveway cracks, its best to repair them now before the cold makes them worse. 

Skip It: While you are busy with all these other tasks, go ahead and skip the raking! Not only will they offer food and shelter to small animals, worms, and butterflies, they also become a natural mulch and will help fertilize your soil! 

Last but definitely not least: Cozy up! Bring out your favourite throw blankets, find your favourite diffuser blend, and Pinterest a new craft idea or cookie recipe you’d like to try. If it’s going to be 30 below, we better have some cozy and enjoyable ways to enjoy the indoors! 

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