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Saturday, 2 February 2019

Shopping on (REALTOR.CA)

Shopping on MLS - Through The Eyes Of A Client.

My husband is always searching for a dream property or bargain to move our family to on MLS.  How valuable is the website to users?  Since we purchased our home in Barrie (2014), it seems that every property that we have ever found on our own had already been snapped up.  Especially the rental market.  This was very frustrating for us as we tend to lean towards getting things done on our own.

If you are serious about finding a place you need to be ready to go.  You need an expert to help…a REALTOR®️REALTOR®️(s)  are the ones that see properties come and go on the market all of the time.  They are the ones that should be able to read what you could potentially get based on your needs and wants.  They are also the ones that often know properties that are about to be listed before they are even listed.  They could be the missing link to you finding your perfect place.

The best thing about MLS is seeing what you can get base on your budget before you contact a REALTOR®️.  It is nice to narrow down, location and types of dwellings you are willing to consider.  We had high hopes of maybe getting a fixer upper in Toronto and man…there were fixer uppers!  Crumbling homes in not-so-desirable areas was a huge eye opener.   Settling for condo living was not something we really wanted so our budget and ‘want list’ lead us North of the Toronto area.

Whether you own/rent a property or plan to in the future; MLS is definitely a place to satisfy the curious.  Also, how fun it is to see inside other people’s homes?  Maybe that is just me.  Let us know your experience shopping on MLS!


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