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Friday, 22 February 2019

March Break in Simcoe County

March Break 2019 is fast approaching (March 11th – 15th) , and if you haven’t already prepared
for the kids to be home it is time to start!

I think it is amazing that some families choose or are able to go on a destination holiday. Some
families have no option of taking time off so signing children up to day camps is an awesome
alternative around work commitments. Whatever you choose…remember that a holiday from
school is kind of a big deal for children. Making memories of any kind is just so valuable in
today’s fast paced society.

Now that my kids are at a more impressionable age I am more conscious of building memories
with them when I can. They are not always willing as they may not be sure of how fun
something might be unless they have seen a YouTube family do it as well. It is the reality of this
lifetime but we have got to try.

My kids want to go to Hawaii as they saw a few families having a blast there online. Hey, I want
to go too! It won’t be happening just yet as we have other travel commitments this year. So, I
propose to dial their expectations back to maybe do what have all enjoyed in the past or try
something new. It doesn’t always have to cost money either.

A school break is a chance to catch up on activities that have been discussed but for some
reason or another swept under the rug.  My son, as an example, got a set to create his own
animation over a year ago and he hasn’t opened it. He wants to do it together and I have this
looming guilt over me every time I see it downstairs in its box.
I hereby declare that we will open that box and create an animation to share with you all over the break. Watch this space.

Just spending time together is sometimes the best thing you can offer your children. If you are
lucky enough to have family near that can also be a part of their March Break memories then
get them involved. If you have family or friends that live out of town…maybe you could go visit
them. Sometimes doing the same everyday things with friends or family is much fun and so
nice to socialize our kids.

Living in Simcoe County has so many opportunities for March Break if you are looking to
venture out. Please take a moment to click on the links below to see some great ideas not only
for March Break but for the Winter season all round. We’d love to hear what you will be up to
this March Break!

Children’s Camps
Indoor activities
Outdoor Activities

-N xoxo

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