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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Signs In Your Neighbourhood?!?!

When driving around the community, walking your dog, or maybe taking your children to the park, do you notice when there are more real estate signs? 

It’s interesting to see the typical upswing of the market in the Spring, when signs begin popping up all over just like newly sprouting flowers.  In the late fall we don’t see as many as people sometimes avoid moving in the winter or close to the holidays.  

Often times neighbours will see that houses on their street are for sale, so will follow suite, listing their own homes in the hopes of competing for top dollar, and taking advantage of the increased traffic of home buyers in their neighbourhood.
During slow periods in the market, we don’t see as many signs, and therefore homes don’t move as quickly because potential buyers don’t have as much selection to choose from.

It is interesting to note the homes going up for sale in your neighbourhood, as it gives you an idea of the potential value of your own home, and also whether the housing market is hot or not.

Next time you’re out and about in the streets of your neighbourhood, take a look around and see how many For Sale and Sold signs you see, and don’t forget to look for the ones that say Erin Corcoran.

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