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Friday, 19 January 2018

Home Inspector Yeah or Nah?!?!

Do you think it is beneficial to hire a home inspector?

When we purchased our first home in Canada we had a list as long as our arm in terms of questions beyond the information provided already.  My husband and I both have a background in design/construction but were conditioned to details of homes in the UK.

It was up to our Realtor to answer our questions in any way possible, but there are even questions that we were worried that we didn’t ask for not knowing.  Our Realtor highly recommended hiring a home inspector of whom could see things that we all would have no idea about or couldn’t see with our eyes.

It doesn’t cost a huge amount of money to get an inspector.  I know it seems just like another expense and believe me I know it all adds up.  This expense can avoid future problems that could eventually cost you more money and a possibly huge inconvenience.  Be sure to account for this in your total spend as I believe that it is beneficial.

From our inspection, fortunately there wasn’t a massive list but they all contributed to negotiations before we sealed the deal on our purchase.  These are a few things our inspector picked up on:

1       Jacuzzi bath not working & leaking.
2      Damaged eaves (we did not notice!)
3      Leaking laundry sink.
4      Questioned the lack of support beams in our basement but as it turns out we have a custom steel beam that was installed when the house was built so that the space could be larger.  

The outcome was good for our inspection though some are not.  The big things that an inspector looks for is anything that could potentially threaten the safety for living in a particular house.  Things like mould, dampness, leaks, exposed wires, asbestos and much more.  They have the tools to find things the naked eye cannot see.   I HIGHLY recommend this even if you are tearing a place back to the studs for renovations or tearing down a property to build new.

Would you or have you hired a home inspector for when you purchase a home?  Or have you refused in the past and lived to regret?  We’d love to hear your story!


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