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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Restaurants in the Area

Most Popular Restaurants in Barrie Area

What are the most popular restaurants in your area?  That depends who you are asking so I am just going to tell you what restaurants are popular with me and who I am happy to give my money to! 

We don’t do it very often, but we love to eat out.  We have a problem though…we just don’t know what is out there!  Don’t get me wrong, we have a plentiful selection of chain restaurants that look nice inside and out but the food is okay-ish when served hot but generally it is just a different presentation or texture from the neighbouring restaurant that has louder music and a cowboy theme.  Am I right?  AND what really turns me off are sticky tables or the smell of a drink that was spilled the night before and it didn’t quite get cleaned up properly.

My husband and I find that if the service is great and the food is as expected and the kids are happy it is a good meal out.  But we always settle for less as we know the food we are getting is not cooked from scratch and has no depth to its flavour.  Most times we opt into going out for brunch as we have found the best value, service and quality for families with young children.  There are also many to choose from! 

My top ten (in no particular order):

2.     Tavoli Mia
3.     Stacked
4.     Canoe
5.     Bagel World
6.     Simmering Kettle
8.     147
9.     Michael & Marions
1.     Made in Mexico

My curiousness has got the better of me so I had to google Barrie’s top ten.  Here’s what I found based on people who have taken the time to make reviews online:

3.     The Farmhouse
5.     Scotty’s
8.     Ko Hyang House
1.    Spoon and Fork

If you ever venture out on an evening you will notice that people of Barrie do eat out ALL the time.  If you are one of them and know a great Indian or family owned joint that is not listed, please share in the comments below!  We’d love to try a new place!


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