‘Nothing is really dead, unless you look at it right.’ - WHAT?!?!?! - Erin and Aaron RE/MAX Hallmark Chay Realty Brkg.

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Monday, 4 December 2017

‘Nothing is really dead, unless you look at it right.’ - WHAT?!?!?!

‘Nothing is really dead, unless you look at it right.’

Recently I have been asked what I think about the quote that titles this article.  At first it really did not make sense to me at all seeing it in black and white.  I get an uncomfortable feeling when things just don’t make sense.  Then I opened my mind to perhaps give the writer benefit of doubt as it must have a deeper meaning.

My mind defaulted to the sadness of losing someone.  It is inevitable, sometimes too soon and just so final.  However, if we keep people alive in memory, they are alive in heart & mind forever. 

What if the intent was more of an environmental point?  It could also be an updated version of ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.  Seriously though, how many times have you pronounced an item ‘dead’ in your home that to be honest…could be just dead to you?  Try putting it curb side before you take it to the dump.  Someone will snap it up in a flash!  Re-purposing items is a business in itself.

Still not completely satisfied with my answers I googled the quote and it is actually from the movie Collateral Beauty that has quite a star studded cast.  Only the movie was out in December 2016 and it has some of the worst reviews I have seen.  Possibly why I have never seen the movie and definitely a reason I will NOT be seeing the movie.  I found it befuddling when I learned that the quote was said in the movie to a dying man. 

I’m disappointed with what I found.  I was hoping to find a history surrounding the quote so that I could make more sense of it.   Let’s face it, quotes are kind of like Horoscopes whereby we interpret them how we want to.  Turns out that maybe it is just a pretentious set of words from a movie that makes us scratch our heads and walk away.  That is what I am about to do. 

Let us know what you think.  Maybe I am missing some vital info?  We would love to hear from you!


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