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Friday, 3 November 2017

Google Your Realtor®


When you are in the market to buy a house there are a lot of questions that pop up. This is
likely the biggest purchase that you will be making in your life so you want to get it right, right?
If you know or have a Realtor® that you have developed a relationship with over the years, you’ll
probably be in contact with them to help you with getting the ball rolling. Chances are they
know what they are doing and you can trust their instinct on your needs.

I have recently been asked: ‘When buying your current home did you google the address or
leave it up to the Realtor® to tell you everything about the property?’
OF COURSE WE DID! Who doesn’t? Google is at our fingertips to access a plethora of

These are the things we looked for:
 Past promotional videos.
 MLS location.
 Current price and past price on a specific house and houses in the area.
 Local schools and ratings.
 Crime rate in the area.
 Proximity to amenities that were relevant to our family.
 Weather…yes, weather

Here’s the thing, we purchased a home in 2014 when the market was moving fast. Houses
were selling within 24 hours so we needed to know everything before jumping in. Our Realtor®
at the time was very helpful and could relate to us but we had only known her for 5 minutes.
Barrie was 8 months new to us and having moved from England a year prior we had a lot at
stake. Google, YouTube and MLS were our everyday norm in addition to the information our
Realtor® was providing.

My advice is to always keep an open mind and don’t close off a possibility just because you
have heard the school isn’t that great. Your Realtor® may be able to connect you to a family that
has children that attend that school. Perhaps the rating is out of date that you have found
online. COMMUNICATE with your Realtor®…you may learn things or get connected to people
that you would have on Google otherwise!

Did you google your house before you purchased or would you? We’d like to know!


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