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Monday, 16 October 2017


Flyers, Flyers, and more Flyers

Like me, are you tired of all the flyers and papers piling up at your door step and in your mailbox? It’s bad enough to have to deal with the constant overload of virtual spam in our email inboxes, but to open your front door and find another flyer on your mat or dangling from your door handle can be really annoying!  Not to mention the negative impact on the environment at a time when so many things have gone paperless in an effort to reduce waste.
At our house we’ve stopped looking at the flyers.  In the past, I would relish scanning the local flyers on Thursday evenings, looking for great sales, and making my grocery lists.  I no longer have time for this, and I also found it resulted in my family purchasing items that we didn’t actually need, just because it was a “deal”! In an effort to cut spending, and only buy what we need, rather than what we want, I had to put a stop to this ritual.
I could definitely benefit from browsing the grocery store flyers,  making a meal plan for the following week and then purchasing the appropriate groceries for said meal plan…but I’m just not that organized.  I will pick up a flyer on my way into the grocery store, and purchase sale items when I’m there, or use the flyer app on my phone to look up a specific item like turkey or diapers, but to open the weekly paper and search through the printed flyers, no thanks.

Are you someone who reads the paper each week, looks through the flyers, and prepares lists?  I should probably take an interest in the local paper, but instead I usually find it on my way out the door on recycling day, so it works out perfectly to just drop it in the recycling bin as I leave my driveway. I feel like there’s always so much clutter in our home of five people, that I do what I can to eliminate it at every chance I get! I suppose I should probably contact the local papers to be put on their ‘do not deliver list’…is there such a list? Similar to the ‘Do not call list’ (that hasn’t stopped all the air duct cleaning companies from calling me), but for paper solicitors. I hope one exists, as I do feel quite guilty about the waste as I drop it in the bin unread.

The mailbox is a whole other story. Why are we getting flyers in our mailbox, too?  Does Canada Post really have to take the time to stuff flyers like the people with paper routes? I have to be honest, I’m not upset when I open the box and discover coupons for Harvey’s, but aside from that, I don’t want to have to sort through another pile of flyers. I know I’m not alone, as a kind neighbour has put a recycling bin at our mailbox, and the truck actually stops and empties it! Gotta love team work!
What do you do with all of the piling up papers at your home? Do you know of some list I can get myself on to make them stop?


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