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Monday, 30 October 2017


Coffee Lovers Unite!

As I sit here sipping my second hot coffee of the morning, I can’t help but think of how much I LOVE my coffee! Is it weird that I sometimes go to bed at tonight thinking fondly of the coffee I’ll drink when I awake? I am a self-professed coffeeaholic…I adore my coffee and cannot remember the last time I went a day without it.  It was probably in my mid-twenties, and it was DEFINITELY pre-motherhood!

I wouldn’t call myself a coffee snob, but I do appreciate a good cuppa joe, and I am disappointed when my coffee doesn’t have the kick I crave. Over the years I’ve tried different types, and I’ve taken my coffee different ways.  I now drink my coffee either black, or with milk only.  When I think back to how much sugar I used to consume, I’m horrified.  As for cream, I’ve never been a fan of “creamy” foods, so milk has always been my number 1.  How do you take your coffee?  Are you someone who is down with the whole almond milk trend?

As for my favourite java? I’m actually really fond of the President’s Choice Gourmet coffee grinds.  I like it bold and strong, don’t give me any of that medium or light roast! They even have environmentally friendly pods, perfect for your Keurig machine.

When I grab a coffee on-the-go (which is more frequently than I should), my coffee shop of choice is Starbucks, for sure! I love me a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but most often I order their Pike Place blend.  This grind is considered their medium roast, but if you’ve ever had Starbucks, you know that’s still quite strong. I feel like I can depend on the quality of their coffee a lot more than other places.  It’s always hot, and never burnt.  There’s nothing worse than taking that first sip of the coffee you’ve been waiting for, only to discover its been sitting in the pot for hours, or is only slightly warmer than room temperature. 

McDonald’s has definitely upped their coffee game in recent years, and I quite enjoy theirs as well, plus collecting the little stickers is fun! Unfortunately I find the line a little long for drive thru, but when there’s one nearby, I’ll often stop.

I’m a proud Canadian, but Tim Horton’s coffee just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  I’m sad to say, I avoid purchasing my coffee here, as it just isn’t strong enough (even the Dark Roast), and the quality is really undependable.  I still stop by for snacks or on road trips, but it’s just not a satisfying coffee for me.

What is your favourite blend to brew at home? Where do you go for a coffee when you’re on-the-go?  Is there a favourite spot we should know about?  DO tell!


I came across this video; and it's all about the 'coffee drinkers.'  I think it's spot on; plus funny!  Enjoy.

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