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Monday, 25 September 2017

Back To School


It is the third week of school…how is everyone feeling?
Let me tell you, I have two kids in elementary school and I really truly love them again now that
they are back in school…I think they love me too!! 

Who was pulling their hair out in the last
few days of the summer break? Holy bananas…b-a- n-a- n-a- s. We had constant fighting or self-
proclaimed boredom even when we were doing something eventful. It is so hard to keep
everyone happy all of the time.

I want to confess the biggest mistake of summer holidays this year. We went on our big holiday
just before school ended and summer began. The kids came out of school early and had the
time of their lives being spoiled by family and friends abroad for two whole weeks. Then we
came home…oops, what are we doing for the rest of summer? So we made a wish list balanced
out with expectations on earning these wishes and that seemed to help bring excitement to the
rest of days. It worked for a few weeks and then the novelty started to wear off.

I have learned that it is good to plan ahead with summer events but also be aware that having
nothing in the schedule is also healthy too. It is ok to be at home and do nothing sometimes
and I think that it is important for our kids to understand that. As Canadian families we are
blessed to have a long summer break in light of our long winter months. I wouldn’t mind
shaving off one week and tacking it on the end of March break though…seems fair, right?
Who’s with me?

So we are back in school and in full swing with extra-curricular activities. My daughter has
already worn out her outdoor shoes and my son is already sick of cheese strings and I am
dreaming of our next holiday!!

We want to hear how your back to school time is going!


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