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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Living In The Holly Community

Holly community is located on the very SW side of Barrie between the Ardagh & Rural SW communities.  I have recently learned that the community boundaries are Ferndale Road, Essa Road, Athabaska Road (South of Mapleview) & County Road 27…if that every comes in use to you.

About three years ago I met one of my now dear friends at one of the local Holly parks (there are plenty of them).  As a child she had witnessed the Holly Community appear after Barrie pushed its boundary to the South in the 80’s.  The Holly Community was once part of Innisfil and consisted of farm fields & trees.  You only have to drive to the intersection of Mapleview & County Road 27 to imagine what it may have looked like as the houses stop and the country land begins.

Although there four shopping plazas, Holly is 5-10 minutes from many amenities located in the 400/Mapleview area.  It is a buzzing part of the city because there is so much to offer from the cinema, local businesses, big box stores & plenty of gas stations.  A great little escape is the 10-minute drive to Thornton that has a park with a mini splash pad (suitable for young children), two ice cream parlours & a mini LCBO.  In the winter time there is a perfect hill that we like to toboggan on…though I am not sure this is prohibited; at the very least, do it at your own risk and you didn’t hear it from me!  Other areas of interest may be the Holly Recreation Centre, Tangle Creek Golf Course, Garden Gallery & the Tiffin Conservation area.

Housing in the area ranges from retirement condos, terraced homes, semi-detached and detached homes.  There are 3 elementary schools & one high school.  Very convenient for families with kids as schools are within walking distance for most.  We are on the Dyer Tract and edge of the Ardagh Bluffs which includes biking/walking trails in a protected forested area. 

Living in Holly you can avoid the congestion that is often present on Mapleview Road.  There are back road options whether you are travelling to the North End of town or need to travel south and get onto the 400 Southbound. 

If I have missed something or you would like to add anything about the Holly community we would love to hear from you!






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