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Friday, 2 June 2017

Parents -- Early Morning MADNESS

Early Morning Madness

Please tell me that mornings get easier as your kids get older?! I don’t know about your household, I’m sure I’m not alone, but most weekday mornings are
B-A-N-A-N-A-S !
I know there are Moms out there who go to bed at a reasonable hour (I’m jealous of the ones who fall asleep with, or shortly after, their children), who make the lunches the night before, who have all the laundry put away so no one is searching for socks…but I ain’t one of them! Bless this mess!  My Mom often tells me how amazing I am and how organized she thinks we are as parents….I’m not sure if she’s biased cause she made me, or if all Moms are actually struggling to keep their juggling balls in the air each day, just like me?
I realize that a huge portion of our chaos could likely be alleviated if I was more organized, but I also know how slow my children move when I want them to do something. Have you seen this video of the snails?

That’s real life in my house.  How can it take fifteen minutes to brush your teeth and put shoes on? Are your children like this too?  How do you get them moving quickly?

We’re that family that misses the bus. Multiple times. Some days I allow it to make me crazy, but often I just accept it, enjoy the extra time driving my son to school, and try to be earlier next time! 
I have to say, one thing that really helps us out in the morning, is laying out the kids’ outfits the night before.  I check my weather app so I know what clothing is appropriate, lay it out for them, and when they wake up they know they have to get dressed before going down stairs.  No disagreements about shorts in winter, or plaid on plaid.  Once they’re dressed, they can watch TV, play, or read, until Mommy is ready to start her day.  I was blessed with early risers who haven’t figured out how to sleep through the night, so they usually amuse themselves for a bit until I’m ready to start my day. 
Another trick I’ve discovered is to allow them to help themselves to yogurt or applesauce if they’re hungry.  This safe and healthy snack is the perfect thing to satisfy my daughter (who is convinced she needs to eat every hour, on the hour) until I prepare her breakfast.  We tried Cheerios, but that ended badly when I kept discovering them buried in my new cream shag rug.  Plus then they thought all cereal was fair game- you can imagine how neatly a small child is when eating a bowl of dry Rice Krispies, with their hands.

I’m fortunate in the fact that I stay at home with my children, and work from home.  I don’t know how those of you do it that have to get your children clothed, fed, and out the door, as well as yourselves! Parent of the Year Award for each one of you. I’m hoping that when that day comes for me, I’ll be more organized, less tired, and that my children will be old enough to pour their own Rice Krispies and eat them at the table, with a spoon.


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