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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Castle & Park, The Revival Of Vintage


As a child, when you would imagine and construct your dream house inside your head before going to sleep at night, you would often create your own innovative pieces of furniture to put in the various rooms of the house. As an adult, when you finally do have a place of your own, you realize that it is not really that easy to get your own kind of unique furniture. One has to often resort in purchasing generic pieces that are available at different retail stores. But not always..

Castle and Park is a boutique vintage shop in Simcoe Country, Barrie Ontario, Canada. It is 100% locally owned. Their handpicked inventory displays the best antique and industrial pieces available. You get one of a kind pieces for your home. You no longer have to choose from homogeneous sets of furniture that are not compatible with the interior decor of your house. Castle and Park allows you choose unique pieces of furniture that will find a place in your home, and your home only. Their prices are wholesale, and they have new products arriving every day.

Apart from antiques, they have re purposed furniture and knick knacks. Shopping at this store is almost like an adventure. You never know what unique piece you will find for yourself among the many options the store provides for you. The store makes its own discoveries and puts them up for sale so that customers like you can exercise your personal choices.

DIY is a new and upcoming trend at the moment. Castle and Park keeps that in mind and makes sure that their products have future DIY potential. They know how much you value the freedom to alter the product you buy through your own ideas and creativity. You could take antique or re purposed furniture and give it your own spin so that it fits the temper of your interior decor.
Castle and Park is a store that also helps artists, carpenters and craftspeople to have their own flourishing businesses by retailing their products in house. Their inventory is available to you 24x7 on their website. You could also visit their shop in person at downtown Barrie.

Keen on sharing the latest updates and news with their treasured customers, Castle and Park sends informative e-telegrams to them, which delivers fresh content, including VIP deals, to their inbox directly.

Castle and Park understands your frustration with monotonous, mass produced furniture products. It empathizes with your desire to possess customized, individualized pieces of furniture that have a story and history behind them. A piece of furniture is not simply an object that you place in your house. Its character and inimitable qualities are important, because they contribute to the overall environment that makes your house a home. The store strives to provide you with exceptional products that give your interior decor the edge it needs. It also sells artwork, pottery and other items. It is all set to look after your vintage cravings, while making sure that you have a comfortable and satisfying experience while fulfilling those cravings.

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