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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

20 Ideas to GET OUTSIDE

Lets Get Outside and Enjoy Simcoe County TOGETHER!

Simcoe County is a wonderful destination that is found between Lake Simcoe and Georgian Bay. It is just an hour away from Toronto. So there’s no reason why you should not go outside and enjoy the place. But in case you are still hesitant to enjoy the outdoors, here are 30 ideas that might convince you to enjoy the great outdoors.

1.     Roasted Starbursts - Aside from marshmallows, you can roast Starbursts over the campfire. You’ll know that the flavourful candies are ready when they are starting to melt.
2.     Glowstick bowling – While camping in Simcoe County, one of the night activities that you can do with your group is glowstick bowling. For the pins, you just need glowsticks and some water bottles.
3.     Make Smores – One way to make kids go outside and have fun around the campfire is to make smores. Make sure that you have all the ingredients before going out.
4.     Watch the Stars – Simcoe County is the best spot to go stargazing. All you need is a blanket.
5.     Go Fishing – Simcoe County has lots of rivers, bays, and streams for fishing all throughout the year.
6.     Play Outdoor Games – There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than to play games, such as hide and seek and tag.
7.     Outdoor Theatre – For kids, the tent is more than just a shelter. It can be a magical place in the outdoors. It can also be used as an outdoor theatre where the kids can perform their own version of fairy tales.
8.     Enjoy the Sun at Public Beaches – Simcoe County has lots of public beaches that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. While you are enjoying all sorts of water activities, the kids can make sandcastles and play with the sand.
9.     Cook Nachos – Most people prepare beans and wieners when it comes to camping. You can change things up by cooking other stuff, such as nachos. You just need some tortilla chips, nacho toppings and lots and lots of cheese.
10.    Turn Cooler into Something Magical – Surprise your guests and children by placing glowsticks into your cooler.
11.    Go Hiking – Hiking is a good way to enjoy and learn more about nature. Simcoe County has several trails for you to explore.
12.    Pancakes for Breakfast – Who said that you can’t have pancakes while out enjoying nature. Bring a portable stove to your camping trip and you can have flapjacks with your kids in the morning.
13.    After-Dark Scavenger Hunt – A fresh way to play a scavenger hunt is to do it at night. Kids will enjoy looking for stuff in the dark. It will be an adventure that they will not forget for a long time.
14.     Make a Watermelon Keg – All you need for this outdoor project is a watermelon. Cut a flat surface so that the watermelon can stand on its own. Then carve out the fruit and cut them into small pieces. Then place it back in the watermelon along with lime and orange slices. Fill the watermelon with juice of your choice. Lastly, insert a tap and enjoy your natural juice concoction.
15.    Make a Lemonade Stand – One way to teach kids about making money on their own is by allowing them to set up a lemonade stand.
16.     Backyard Drive-In – Invite your friends and family for a unique night of movies. Just turn your backyard into an outdoor cinema and enjoy a movie marathon with your favourite people.
17.     Bake Cinnamon buns in Oranges – Amaze everyone with your culinary skills while outdoors. Use the orange peels as containers to create cinnamon buns. Just cover the buns in tin foil to have an on-burner oven.
18.    Surprise Loved One with Breakfast in Sleeping Bag – One way to ensure your loved one will enjoy your moment together outside is to make breakfast special.
19.     Date Night in the Wild – Turn the campsite into a romantic dating location. Use your imagination and make your romantic getaway something worth remembering for a long time.

20.     Go Canoeing or Rafting – Simcoe County has lots of spots where you can enjoy water activities such as canoeing and rafting.

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