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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Peony & Plumb Design

One of the main concerns after buying a new house is the interior decoration. What kind of colours do you want on the walls? What kind of furniture? How will they be arranged? What kind of a mood will the decor set? Will you decorate your house yourself or will you take professional help? Will the person you hire understand what exactly it is that you want?

If these are the thoughts that are plaguing you, and you live in Barrie, Ontario,Canada, look no further than Peony & Plumb Design. Located in the Simcoe Country Area, Peony & Plumb is ready to settle your woes and make interior design and exciting and enriching experience.

Here’s what you need to know:
·       They want to work with you: Usually, you give your interior decorator a brief, and they try to do their work according to your instructions. Not Peony & Plumb. They believe in working together with YOU to create spaces within your home that reflect who you are. They love to get their hands dirty, recycling and reinventing objects and articles that you were going to throw away and use them to decorate your new house or redecorate your old house. With their innovative ideas, they can transform your living space, and have you actively involved in the process.

·       They make and sell their very own paint: Peony & Plumb have their own brands of furniture paint called Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and Dust Paint. They sell these paints and offer a wide range of opportunities- both creative and artistic. None of the paints require sanding or priming. They dry up in no time, and can be used in a variety of painting techniques.

Miss Mustard Seed’s milk Paint can be used on wood that is raw or untreated. It has no VOCs and is all natural. This makes it ideal for painting children’s furniture.

Dust Paint can be used on each and every surface, and does not require sanding or priming. The level of VOCs present in Dust Paint is very low and they are available in a variety of special designer colours. 

Peony & Plumb also helps you to personalise colours; you just have to place your order.
      They host the best workshops: Have you always wanted to be an interior decorator but life took you down another road? Do you want to decorate your own house with your own hands but are not feeling confident enough? Do you simply want a new hobby or activity that will help you break away from the drudgery life? Peony & Plumb’s workshops are fun, creative and innovative. A two hour class in the evening or an entire day - choose the one you want and learn the techniques or redo a piece of furniture.

·       They do custom work too:  If you want your home decorated,  Peony & Plumb is happy to help. Either through one on one consultation as you decorate your home on your own, or having Peony and Plumb managing the entire project, your home will be decorated in no time!  

      Peony & Plumb is located upstairs of Castle & Park.  Tell Cathy I sent you, she will be so glad to hear from you.

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